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About Us

Triol Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Kharkov, Ukraine. The company was established in 1993.

We specialize in implementing artificial lift surface equipment, submersible equipment, low-voltage and medium-voltage drives, and software that are successfully implemented in oil production, heavy industry, energy sector, transport, and public utilities.

Triol is a top-notch supplier of high- technological, supreme solutions to optimize the efficiency of operational processes and reduce its costs.

Our outstanding services with an exceptional individual approach and transparency build a strong tandem that makes us a reliable Partner that is ready for challenges.

Triol now:

  • More than 1500 employees, including 250 design engineers.
  • 3 factories and 11 service centers
  • Full production cycle from electronic units to metalworking
  • 26 years of experience in oil and gas and industrial sector, and more that 1500-finished projects

Triol Corporation is a perfect match for your business that helps you conquer new peaks and open new horizons of industrial world!

What makes us different from other manufacturers?

Triol Corporation strives to offer the best solution for our Customers and Partners. We see “the best” solution as a product that meets Clients’ requirements, delivers high-quality results, its unique features provide a stellar performance, and, as a result the product is beneficial for Clients’ business in any possible way. Our everyday mission is to offer a solution that the world has never seen before!

Our mission:

For society

To create such a case in business, industry and economy that allows people to feel a sense of pride.

For Customers

To furnish our Customers with opportunities that fundamentally solve their most important and challenging tasks.

For Humanity

To create what is important and necessary for people, something that is not going to be created without Triol.

For Professionals

To create an exclusive world of opportunities that allows realizing their ambitious, economically attractive dreams, plans and ideas.

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