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Medium-Voltage Frequency Drive Triol AT27

Medium-voltage Variable Frequency Drives Triol AT27 is designed for automatic control of a wide range of industrial systems with induction, synchronous (with an external exciting system) and Permanent Magnet Motors.  

Variable Frequency Drives Triol AT27 has an extensive motor control functionality and covers a large power range to operate with pumps, fans, compressors, mills, crushers, conveyors, extruders, mixers, etc.

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT27 offers wide sets of functions and unique algorithms for high-quality control of motors. Implementation of Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT27 provides increased reliability of equipment operation, reduced productivity and energy savings. Innovative technical solutions in the field of transformer design, cooling systems and intelligent algorithms development guarantee a non-stop operation of equipment minimizing the costs.

Triol AT27 VFD is an adaptive solution compatible with any environmental conditions and the best option that ensures a long-term operation. 

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